Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do you offer gift cards?

A – Yes! Email us for how to purchase one.

Q – Do I have to wear a mask during my session?

A – That’s your choice as we remain 6 feet apart and I have been fully vaccinated.

Q – How do you do a reading without being physically in their presence?

A – Energy is energy and it’s as simple as that! We connect to higher consciousness & the spirit world which has no physical body.

Q – Is prior yoga experience necessary?

A – Nope! All sessions are completely tailored to YOU!

Q – Can I hire you for small group events?

A – Yes, although it is situation dependent. Email us for more details.

Q – Can you communicate with people that have passed on in a card or psychic reading?

A – Yes, but the spirit has to step forward and with intention they usually will, but we never go and chase down or try to “get the spirit” so to speak.

Q – Can I still book a healing or reading even if I’m not sure what I want healed or read?

A – Absolutely. The spiritual path is often foggy and we hope to shed light on that path. By giving our clients a brief consultation at the beginning of each service we can determine with the help of spirit, what is most needed in session to help you fully heal, release and grow. Oftentimes, you already may intuitively know what you need, but you lack the safe, neutral space to be able to do so.

Q – What is your cancellation policy?

A – We politely ask that our time and schedule is respected and therefore request a 24 hour cancellation for either a new booking or a full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot not give refunds without a 24 hour cancellation notice, but we will gladly reschedule your session for a different day or time.

Q – What if the weather on the day of my yoga session is not ideal?

A – There’s always the option of a Zoom session instead or we can reschedule for another day or time. 

Q – Do I need my own yoga mat for my session?

A – Yes. Due to Covid guidelines you need to provide your own mat and props if needed.

Q – Do you offer memberships?

A – Yes! We offer monthly and yearly memberships for all services. Email us!

Q – What if my question hasn’t been answered?

A – Email us! We have an answer!