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Crystal Visions Malibu is a full service, one stop shop for peace and well being. We offer a variety of healing services such as private beach yoga sessions, tarot, oracle and psychic readings, Intuitive energy healing & chakra clearing and private full moon soundbaths.

Crystal Visions Malibu is a passion project that sisters Desiree & Darsee have been creating since childhood. Both sisters are natural born intuitives and empaths with over ten years experience giving readings and energy clearings.

Desiree is a 500-RYT with experience teaching Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. She is trained in several yoga traditions, spiritual teachings and various energy healing modalities that include sound and guided visualization. She has been teaching since 2014.

Darsee is an animal intuitive that uses energy healing abilities for pets with ailments or stress related behavior issues. She also specializes in reading pets that have crossed over and would like to connect with their beloved families.

All products sold in our shop are handmade to order with love, light and ethically sourced materials.

Crystal visions Malibu is committed to offering a safe, sacred space for all of our clients. All services offered are private and socially distanced. Sessions can also be done remotely via phone or Zoom for those that prefer that option or are not in the LA area.

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I’ve experienced all of Desiree’s services and each one is truly unique and life changing. Desiree has a way of understanding people and connecting with them on a deep level. Her yoga sessions are amazing, but her energy clearing work and readings are truly remarkable. I make sure to get each of them regularly.  The way she uses her singing bowls is also just beautiful. I highly recommend Desiree for all of her services. She is trustworthy and truly insightful.



Desiree has largely impacted and improved my mental health and wellbeing. I have gained a healthier relationship with my body through her meditative yoga sessions. I always thought yoga required having a certain physique or fitness level which is why I was discouraged from taking yoga. Desiree however, taught me patience and how to love my body. Desiree’s yoga sessions show me how much my body is capable of- especially my mind  when pushing through discomfort and balancing the hold by focusing on my breath. Desiree really cares about making sure my family and I are comfortable during our sessions. She can feel the energy of the room, which helps guide the flow and pace of the class. My body is less tense and sore since I’ve started doing yoga with her. Desiree is a very caring soul that will ensure you feel and comfortable during a yoga session.



Desiree is a great yoga instructor. My daughters and I have been doing yoga with Desiree for several years now. Every time we do a yoga session, I personally always feel better about my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Desiree has taken us from beginning to advanced, teaching all of the intricacies of yoga all while having the fun and enjoyment of participating in a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Desiree to anyone who would like to do yoga from beginning to advanced.



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